A magical holiday weekend for the whole family

magical holiday weekend

Are you spending the holidays with your family in Québec? No question of snuggling up! We dress the children warmly and we go out to explore the heart of Quebec City, which is transformed into a real Christmas village. It’s a perfect time to spend quality time with the family outdoors, to explore the region’s tourist attractions and, above all, to have fun.

1 . A visit to a real Christmas village

With its garlands suspended above the streets and its twinkling trees at the doors of the businesses, Petit-Champlain is always magical. Especially when a little snow is falling gently and the choirs enliven the square. We take the opportunity to introduce the children to the hot and very sweet  Beaver Tails .

2 . Thousands of toys at Benjo

Children won’t have enough eyes to see all the games and toys at Benjo . The place par excellence for gift ideas, the vast store also allows parents to relive their childhood during a visit. Building blocks, stuffed animals, remote control toys, books, strategy games or for toddlers, etc. : there is something for all tastes and all ages.

3 . It slides on the Dufferin terrace!

Have you ever experienced the famous Au 1884 slide, more than a hundred years old ? Installed on the Dufferin terrace, behind the Château Frontenac, the popular vertiginous slide attracts many tourists from all over the world every year. It’s your turn to experience thrills! Tie your tuque well: you can reach a speed of more than 70 km/h! Opening mid-December.

4 . Comfort break at a warm resort

Need to take a break? We stop at one of the friendly stations scattered all over the city. There are about twenty of them that invite you to warm up by the fireplace, to sip a hot chocolate or simply to watch the comings and goings of passers-by, the time to catch your breath between two activities. Bordered by the fortifications, the ice rink and the magnificent decorations of the Hôtel du Capitole, the welcoming station of Place D’Youville is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate from Chez Paillard , located a stone’s throw from the.

5 . An enchanted evening in Old Quebec

At dusk or early evening, we continue the walk in Old Quebec to admire the Christmas lights. The magic will be there at the German Christmas Market . Sparkling Christmas trees, magical lights, holiday melodies and more than 90 wooden kiosks dedicated to the sale of gifts and little treats ‒ like the famous gingerbread! – waiting for you there. This year, the Market is further enhancing its programming with the addition of a Santa Claus castle like the Château Frontenac in Place d’Armes, parades of giant puppets on Saint-Jean Street as well as shops and entertainment at Place D’Youville.

Once the German Christmas Market is over, the entertainment on the sites continues with Kaleidoscopes where visual arts, theatre, music, performing arts and literature are presented in different universes throughout the holiday season.

6 . Sleep at the hotel

This is a proposal that will certainly appeal to children (and adults!). Pack your bags and enjoy the comfort and services of hoteliers who offer several offers and packages  for families. By sleeping in Old Quebec or in one of the central districts, there is no need to take the car to get around: you will be located in the heart of the Christmas magic and you will be able to access the various sites on foot.

7 . Sliding galore at Village Vacances Valcartier

Head to Valcartier Vacation Village ! By having reserved your places in advance, you can throw yourself on an inner tube to hurtle down the snowy slopes of the largest winter games center in America. Each visit offers you pure moments of happiness, for young and old alike. More than 35 slides await you: are you ready to soar from the top of the Himalayas, to whirl in the Tornado or to experience the thrill of Everest? Do the kids still have energy? We put on our skates to walk the magnificent skating trail.

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