7 ways to experience winter wonderland

experience winter wonderland

From the first snowflakes, Quebec begins to live to the rhythm of winter. From the end of November to the end of March, the region becomes a huge playground while  Old Quebec , covered in its white coat, is even more enchanting. Once  well dressed , the activities and ways to warm up are endless. Tame winter the way the locals do!

Here are 7 unique winter experiences not to be missed:

1 . Stroll through the magical atmosphere of snow-covered Old Quebec

From early December to mid-March, Old Quebec is transformed into a veritable  Christmas village . During the  German Christmas Market , the smells of cinnamon, sausage and gingerbread waft through the streets of the historic district as the Grande Allée becomes effervescent days before the famous outdoor New Year’s  Day celebrations .

2 . Be dazzled by the only ice hotel in North America

The Hôtel de Glace de Québec  is the only place in North America where you can have a drink in a bar at -5 degrees Celsius, sleep warm in a room made entirely of ice and exchange your vows in a frosty chapel. . Access a magical world where ice and snow transform into fabulous scenery!

3 . Celebrate winter through the city during the Carnaval de Québec

This  great winter celebration  has been warming hearts since 1955 with a concentration of traditions drawn from our French-Canadian roots. This is the best time to celebrate with Quebecers, who will not fail to give you a taste of caribou, blow the Carnival trumpet and wear the arrow sash. Watch the spectacular ice canoe race on the St. Lawrence River, a mode of transport that dates back to New France, marvel at the colors and animation of the night parades and meet the friendly Bonhomme Carnival, an ambassador no one can resist.

4 . Take advantage of the exceptional amount of snow

With more than 300 cm of snow accumulation per year, the people of Quebec have long since learned to take advantage of this gift from heaven. Do like them! Experience  cross-country skiing  in the heart of downtown or in grandiose settings. Discover magnificent  ice rinks  all over the city. Less than 30 minutes from Quebec, explore white forests on  snowshoes . Take a  dog sled  through sublime winter landscapes. After a snowmobile ride  , make unforgettable encounters in the relays, while enjoying comforting cuisine. You feel so warm after playing outside!

5 . Have fun in exciting slides on snow

Find your child’s heart by discovering the  snow slide , a winter tradition of Quebec families accessible to all. At Village Vacances Valcartier, the largest winter games center in America, enjoy the ultimate sliding experience with exhilarating descents by tube, giant inner tube or inflatable boat. The vastness of the site will knock your socks off! Right next to the Château Frontenac, let yourself be overwhelmed by a good dose of adrenaline by braving the Glissades de la Terrasse. As a bonus, you will slip into a setting worthy of a postcard.

6 . Hit the slopes of one of the region’s 4 ski resorts

Near downtown, conquer the  region’s ski resorts  : splendid peaks, some of which offer breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence River. Learn about night skiing by hurtling down the lit slopes in a unique atmosphere. The experience wouldn’t be complete without the pleasure of Québec City’s festive après-ski and its memorable encounters.

7 . Savor the comforting moments of winter

Winter is also synonymous with  cozy moments. Snuggle up by the fireplace at the chalet while enjoying a good glass of wine. Share a meal with friends or stay in woolen stockings all day playing board games.

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