Escape around New York: here are our ideas for visits!

New You here are our ideas for visitsssd

New York, this city so inspiring, its famous buildings, its motivating atmosphere, its parks, its inhabitants so welcoming… Around New York, prepare to be amazed!

What a unique feeling to see New York from the top of the Empire State Building. What an emotion to visit the One World Trade Center. What about the festive atmosphere of Times Square, Broadway, Brooklyn Bridge or even Central Park? All this is so exotic and incredible , that a break to recharge your batteries, outside of all this frenzy , will be welcome. Discover our ideas for visits to do around New York!

Discover Long Island

Being around New York and not going to Long Island is not an option! Long Island is simply the largest island in the United States, after  Hawaii . To discover the island, the time of a day, plan about 1 hour by car. You will be able to see the change of atmosphere with the heart of the city of New York and will be able to savor this new atmosphere, more natural and calmer.

Walk around Cold Spring

Perched on the banks of the Hudson River, in northern New York, Cold Spring is a typical and picturesque village, whose downtown is listed in the National Register of Historic Places . It is a real postcard landscape where the atmosphere is peaceful. Cold Spring is famous for its historical monuments, but also for the charm of its restaurants and cafes as well as its art galleries. Nature lovers can enjoy beautiful hikes along the Hudson River .

Walk around the Storm King Art Center

Located 80 km from New York, this huge park with sculptures and contemporary exhibitions, offers you more than 200 hectares of greenery to explore . You can take a picnic and sit on the benches and tables in the park. Take advantage of the superb views and spaces for walks. There are also bike rentals, as well as a tram for easy transportation throughout the park. An excellent outing to combine a visit to a museum and a park in a single getaway  !

Fun at Coney Island

You can’t be around New York and not go to Coney Island! Flagship amusement park for New Yorkers , it is located by the ocean , in Brooklyn. You can do various rides there, eat the traditional hot dogs from Nathan’s while strolling along the ocean. A little corner of paradise , which will bring you a breath of fresh air in a mythical place in the New York region.

Visit Yale University

Located about 1h30 from New York, Yale is a private American university located in New Haven , Connecticut. Visiting this campus is a must do when you are around New York. The visit can be done freely or on a guided tour, free of charge, by students. The university also has its own tourist office. Yale is like a city in its own right , with its own institutions, museums and businesses.

Learn the history of Sleepy Hollow

An hour from Manhattan, Sleepy Hollow is a small town where time seems to have stood still. She is known for having inspired Washington Irving’s ”  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow  “, which was later adapted for film by Tim Burton . Moreover, the author of the bestseller is buried in the cemetery of Sleepy Hollow where guided tours are organized all year round. Atmosphere guaranteed  ! To get there, take the Metro North Hudson Line from Grand Central and stop at Philipse Manor station.

Relax on Sandy Hook Beach

Off to New Jersey ! This is one of the most famous beaches where you can watch the annual Sandcastle Contest . Also known as Havre-Aubert beach, you will have the opportunity to visit the aquarium and walk to the tip of Bout du Banc which juts out towards Entry Island at low tide. And why not take the opportunity to learn kitesurfing on this magnificent beach?

Take it all in the Hudson Valley

Immense natural beauty , this incredible region is likely to take your breath away in front of the beauty of these landscapes. The Hudson Valley stretches from the tip of Manhattan to the state capital, Albany. Here, you will discover the charm of the riverside villages mixed with the frenzy of the cities. You will be immersed in the heart of green and productive farms. Indeed, the Hudson Valley was the first American region to produce wine and the oldest winery still exists.

Take the ferry to Governors Island

Governors Island is a former military base, accessible only by ferry. It is also the largest island in New York Bay . It will delight you with its wide open spaces and multiple cycle paths . It is also strongly recommended to rent a bike, in order to explore the island and appreciate the immensity of its beauty. Enjoy beautiful walks with friends or family!

Shop for bargains at Woodbury Outlets

Come on, let’s go for a day of shopping , just an hour’s drive from New York. Be efficient and organized because there are a lot of shops. It is really worth it, to make good deals  ! You can get to Woodbury by bus from Manhattan (on Broadway in front of McDonald’s).

Take a break in Lincoln Park, New Jersey

This park, which has existed since 1905 , is the perfect place to daydream and take a break. The park is divided into two sections. Here, you can easily relax, taking a walk on the river or taking walks on the many paths that criss-cross the park. Lincoln Park is a good relaxing option , to be planned in the middle of your excursion schedule.

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