10 food products that are not unanimous in Quebec!

10 food products

There are food products that have always raised a lot of questions about their manufacturing processes or about their composition. While some outright hate them, many love them. Acquired taste? Guilty pleasure? Nostalgia for our childhood? No matter what makes us come back to it often, we present to you our selection of 10 products that are not unanimous!

1. The balloon

How can we forget the eternal baloney sandwich in the lunch box at noon or the grilled slice in the pan? With its pink color and texture that sometimes reminds of eraser, baloney, also known as bologna sausage, is still widely consumed.

If we have long wondered about its composition, we now know that Bologna sausage is made from leftover cuts of meat, sometimes beef or turkey, but more often pork. Once turned into a paste, the meat is mixed with different spices and fats.

There are several recipes with baloney, but the one that deserves the palme d’or is certainly the baloney cake… a layer of slices of cold meats with cream cheese. I suddenly have a stomach ache!

2. Hot dogs

The composition of hot dog sausages is similar to that of bologna sausage. It has always been rumored that these sausages are made from meat scraps, which ultimately is not so far from reality! But if you close your eyes to the ingredients, hot dogs are still perfect for BBQs or during a game . It seems to me that the time when we ate sausages straight out of the packaging, in secret from our parents, is not so far away….

3. Corned beef

Canned corned beef was invented in the late 1800s and ever since its inception, stories surrounding this product have been rife. It must be said that compact canned meat stimulates the imagination! As the name suggests, it’s nothing more or less than salted and canned pieces of beef.

Corned beef is eaten as is, sliced, sandwiched, or pan-fried. Rumor has it that it contains all kinds of meat parts, including eyes and other organs, but again, these are legends. Corned beef is made from scrap meat cuts, separated mechanically.

While eating canned meat may raise eyebrows, preserving meat through salting techniques has been done for centuries. These techniques date back to Antiquity and were also used to carry food on ships, at the time of the Great Discoveries. It must be said that the refrigerator arrived late in the history of human food!

4. Cheez Whiz and other cheese spreads

Let’s leave aside the meat to talk about “cheese”. The Cheez Whiz has a very special place in the hearts of many despite all that is said! What is the Cheez Whiz created with? Is it true that it is gray before the dye is added? Don’t worry, it would indeed be made of cheeses, melted scraps. And there is actually dye in the Cheez Whiz, but to unify the color. But this type of industrial cheese has been around for a long time, La Vache qui rit having been invented in Switzerland in the early 1900s.

5. Chief Boyardee

It’s hard to believe, but it was in response to overwhelming demand for Mr. Boyardee’s Pasta Sauce that these products were created. It must be said that Mr. Boyardee was a very popular chef in the United States. The product has evolved a lot since then, and we find it in several variations, from ravioli to cheese pasta, which the creator of the brand might not like.

6. Cool Whip

We may appreciate it for its convenience, but this whipped cream is cream in name only! Made with corn syrup, coconut or palm oil, we are very far from the traditional recipe based on 35% cream… and very far from the taste too. However, it is often found on desserts, waffles, sundaes and coffees. One thing is certain, guaranteed dose of sugar!

7. Cheese droppings

Not to be confused with cheese curds, also called poop cheese. Here, we are talking about the good old puffed potato chip, neon orange in color. Despite their radioactive color and the fact that they stain your fingers, they remain a must for any good party !

8. Pop Tarts

Halfway between cardboard dough and pastry, Pop Tarts are still very successful. We now find them in all flavors, with multicolored icings: mauve, pink blue, with sugar balls, etc. They are eaten as is or reheated in the toaster. To avoid overly processed desserts, you can also make them yourself!

9. Marshmallows

Essentials for camping, the perfect accompaniment to hot chocolate, not to mention all the desserts you can make with them once melted, it’s hard to do without them. With its soft texture, which melts deliciously when heated, you might think it is a highly chemical mixture. But it is mainly a mixture of sugar and gelatin.

10. Ah Caramel Cakes

Here, I could have named so many varieties of wrapped cupcakes, but since there was only one to choose from, I chose my favorite! A wonderful addition to the baloney sandwich,

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