The 10 most consumed foods in the world

consumed foods in the world

In the list of the most consumed foods on the planet, one would expect basic foodstuffs, but this is not the case. Whether raw or processed, here are the main food products that are enjoying popular favour.

French fries

The consumption of fried potatoes is constantly changing. According to statistics , 11 billion kilos of potatoes per year are used to make fries, not counting those made at home. Flat, thin, wide, homemade or processed, in all countries of the world, French fries, despite their high fat content, still arouse general enthusiasm.


Yes, cheese, but not just any cheese! We are talking here about a transformed product, La Vache qui rit, which has existed for more than 90 years, and which still delights young and old almost everywhere on the planet. Its unique and catchy logo, its unique recipe as well as its method of preservation specifically adapted to several countries make it the top dairy product.

Coca Cola

Every second in the world, more than 4000 liters of this drink are drunk, which is still popular, 125 years after its birth. In an Atlanta drugstore, its inventor, John Pemberton, wanted to develop an energizing and refreshing soda. Twenty years later, the Coca-Cola Company became the leader in non-alcoholic sodas. And she still is.

Instant coffee

When you think of all the high-end coffee brands, sophisticated coffee makers and attractive gadgets available on the market, it is truly amazing to learn that, every second, 4600 cups of instant coffee are drunk in the world.


In our country, this fish appeared in the 90s. However, it has been consumed for centuries in Africa, and its breeding would come from ancient Egypt, 4000 years ago. In the past, salmon and rainbow trout were popular, but today it’s tilapia. In fact, it is cheap to feed and produce. In addition, it is a species that adapts easily to aquaculture.

chewing gum

It is the considerable advertising deployments that have made this product, which cannot be eaten, one of the most popular in the world. However, gum is not new; the Amazonians chewed tobacco and the ancient Greeks chewed resin. Today, many virtues are attributed to chewing gum. It is chewed to prevent cavities, to have fresh breath, to remove the taste of smoking, and to aid digestion. Despite some controversy, chewing gum is primarily associated with pleasure, and it is for this exact reason that it is so popular.

sweetened condensed milk

Developed in the United States towards the end of the 19th century, it works wonders in the preparation of sweet dishes, and despite its high fat and sugar content, it is often preferred to traditional milk, because it keeps much longer. than this one, thus giving it its great popularity in several countries.


There are essential products that no one can resist. Nutella falls into this category of foods. It is a spreadable cream made from hazelnuts and chocolate. Despite its cost and its questionable nutritional values, it is found everywhere on the tables of the whole world. Every second, 9.5 kilos of this little sweet sin are tasted by consumers.

The seaweeds

Know that you absorb annually, without your knowledge, a kilo of fresh seaweed, and that this phenomenon is not due to your consumption of sushi. Indeed, many food products contain algae. On grocery shelves, sauces, mayonnaises, pastries and several ready meals, to name a few, display the presence of algae in the list of ingredients.

Heinz ketchup

If you think this tomato sauce is just for fries or shepherd’s pie, think again; it is used everywhere in the preparation of various cooked dishes.

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